Tuesday, August 6, 2013

People's comments and how they inspire me

"This was an amazing short story about how to truly be a hero. I am a United States Marine and I too want to be a hero."

That was the review I recently found on Amazon for my short story "How to be a Hero"... and I just have to say, it's things like that that inspire me. For someone who is out there defending and protecting in real life to have read my little story and have been touched enough to even leave a comment like that.... It makes me want to write all the more in hopes that I can inspire others.

That's all for now...

Except, Book Two now titled "Aside to the Old King's Road" is plugging away, I'm in the middle of chapter ten and a new race came into the TODTOL universe—the Lenalli—and I think people will like them. I really do :-) 

Sorry it's been a while since posting. You'll see more from me soon.

Have a grand day!



  1. Hey Geno! Just dropping by and saying that I reread TODTOL and, again, it's amazing!!! I rarely reread a book but yours has that special spark to it that just makes me want to continually re-visit your world. Hope all is well!


    1. Richard,

      Thank you. It's comments like that which inspire me too :-) All is well. I'm about to post an update on book two. This comment makes me think even more that I'm doing the right thing.

      Stay tuned ;-)