Treasures of Darkness - Treasures of Light

Book One: Through the Dark Wood is the first in a series of novels that it took half my life to decide I could actually write. Turns out I can. So I did.

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My writing history consists of plays, radio plays, short skits, songs, poetry, and a few commercials. I’ve spent much of my life in theater and improv comedy, with a three year stint as a radio DJ, and do at least forty character voices... many of which I exercised while writing Zam's tale.
Couple all of that with my love of storytelling, and a desire to tell this tale—that has birthed an entire world in my imagination—and you get the first glimpse of Zam’s world brought to life.

The concept of an orphaned medieval adventurer is familiar (actually its one of my favorites story concepts), but I believe the world I crafted for Zam is fresh. I hope you will agree. I also hope his journey will entertain you and maybe even touch you as he struggles with issues of courage, self worth, life purpose, and... how to survive a deadly Seritheen onslaught.

I hope you’ll like Zam and enjoy taking the journey with him....

Look for Book One: Through the Dark Wood to be on sale for the holiday season 2012.

I am also working with a stellar illustrator, Zachery Kraft, for chapter and cover illustrations.

Enjoy the samples below (Sketches and finished Illustrations)