Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beautifully Flawed

This is about my father. A few things at work today put him deeply on my mind. Names of placed that came up again and again all of which reminded me of when he was an electrical contractor working all over Southern California.

The other day I referred to a dear friend as being "flawed" and thanked him for letting me see those flaws. Today thinking about dad and his flaws this is what poured out of me.

Were he still alive, he would be turning 71 this year (one month from today actually).

Beautifully Flawed

He was a man. He was a superhero (to me)
He’d been a scoundrel once. For years he’d be
But he found a way that was better—best in fact

He’d fought—maybe killed—he never really knew
Then he’d fought to lead a life like he never could do
Not on his own. Oh no, that would have just been an act

One more scene of the man among men mustering the strength
That only led to the hollow place that filled him with so much angst
And left him broken again, like he’d be when hope would finally find him

For brokenness held in the hands of his Maker can be broken afresh and made anew
And that’s what his Maker did. Broke the scoundrel he’d made of himself and remade him true
From shards that cut and marred, to hands that held and healed, a love-first heart began in him

The years that washed over the scoundrel-no-more did their work of eroding and revealing
So the strength that once was a show for the masses—made true was a force for healing
And scoundrels about, with their face all for show, met him and found his soul aglow

And that glow cast the shadows of their lives in a light, that many desired no more
And the strength that had been wrought in the man, found just what it was for
The change, spoken of, brought hope and desire—how? They had to know

It’s what the Maker can do with a man, even one who is rough and raw
Take a life cast out by the world—make it something worthy of awe
A blessing to Him, for Him and us, though it be beautifully flawed