The Adventures of Hickory Dock

This is my current childeren's project. I am plugging away on it whenever I can.  Below is the gist and potential cover art by yours truly.

Click here for an excerpts and info.

Hickory Dock lived in a cottage on the outskirts of a town he never knew the name of. He didn't even know that the cottage was called a cottage. To him, it was simply the world. You see he was a mouse. But not just any mouse. He was the great great great great great great great great grandson of the original Hickory D. Dock. The one of whom such a great fuss was raised all those years ago with him running up and down a clock and it striking one and all that. However, Hickory was not allowed to hear that tale, for in it lay a great secret….

Here are two possible covers for the book. I'd really love opinions: