Willitzberwundle and the Amburffling

What's a Willitzberwundle? What's an Amburffling? Both very good questions that will be answered in my upcoming children's tale "Willitzberwundle and the Amburffling".

This is one of my favorite stories I've written. It's been sitting on a shelf for quite a while waiting for someone who could illustrate it.

 This post may be a little premature... but I think I may have an illustrator.

Should know more soon and I'll post more at that time, but in the meantime, to whet appetites, here's the first several stanzas:

Willitzberwundle and the Amburffling
(or How Norrin Made a Most Unlikely Friend)

Copyright © 2011 by Geno Allen


Day One: Wherein Willitzberwundle Gets Hungry

Once upon a time, many years ago,
A Willitzberwundle came down from the snow.

He came down from the snow to the hillside below
to find something tasty to eat.
What’s a Willitzberwundle? I’ll try to explain
so you’ll know it if ever you meet.

It’s a shaggy little creature with cream-colored fur
all dappled with grey, brown and black,
With hair like five mountain peaks on top of its head
and a mark like a shield on its back.
There’s fuzz on its chin, and when it grins
you can see it has one tooth askew.
It has soft, caring eyes that change color at times
and its mouth is the size of your shoe.

That might not seem like his mouth is so big
 but it would if you were a Mew,
a cute little creature both fuzzy and kind
and roughly the size of your shoe too.
The Willitzberwundle has ears you can’t see;
they’re tucked inside of his hair.
In all the land, if you ask me,
only one other creature's so rare:

It is called the Amburffling,
but first I will share a few other things.

Actually I'll stop there. Can't give too much away. 

I'm a little excited!




  1. Replies
    1. Aaaaand... that was the goal ;o)


      I meet with the illustrator tonight to go over sketches and see if this is going to work out.

      Here's to hoping!


  2. Having heard you read it at a very special little girl's birthday, I am happy to hear we may soon (and by that I mean "someday")get to read it to our son. Albeit, never giving it quite the life you did!

    1. Thanks, Des :-)

      (Guess I'm a little late responding - sorry 'bout that)