Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shared Notes and Highlights

Feeling a little frustrated with the fact that Amazon took away the "tagging" option for books , I was scrolling through my book listing for Through the Dark Wood when I came upon a little corner of a books listing that I didn't know existed. I had been reading the wonderful reviews readers have given me because that bolsters me when I'm feeling the stress of a slow in sales (like I'm currently experiencing—I believe in part because of the removal of the tagging option). My spirits were raised a bit by the kind and heartfelt words of some of the reviewers, and then I saw the words I am done yelling, Elyon quoted on the page.

That's how I discovered "Shared Notes and Highlights".

According to Amazon they are: "...the thoughts and passages that Kindle readers have shared while reading this book. These are made available to other Kindle readers and optionally to Facebook and Twitter."

Then clicked the "see all" link. There aren't that many for my book, but this is what I saw. (You may need to click on it to view it large enough, or you can go Here to see it on the Amazon page)

The fact that someone made the note "yes." to the quote "I am done yelling, Elyon." brought a tear to my eye. The scene leading up to that moment in the book and that moment itself are very personal and mean a great deal to me. From that note it appears it was meaningful to them as well, and there are few things I could say are that gratifying in regard to publishing my book. The other things noted or highlighted are neat too. It makes me feel like I've accomplished at least some of my goal. I want my writing to move people. I had a local lady that bought a paperback from me tell me yesterday that one of the scenes with little Tearis brought tears to her eyes. I smiled ear to ear.

It's the kind and inspiring feedback I get from people that helps to carry me in the slumps. This week I've been feeling the slump. So, this blog post is as much sharing my slumpiness, as it is a thanks to each person who has bolstered me, and a sweet sharing of the tearful joy I feel after finding "Shared Notes and Highlights".

I'll share one more review I received recently that really lifted me.


5.0 out of 5 stars A book that has left an lasting impression on me, April 11, 2013

This review is from: Through the Dark Wood (Treasures of Darkness - Treasures of Light) (Volume 1) (Paperback)
I am by no means a literary critic, but I love a good story that pulls me in so that I feel invested in the character(s) of the story. I love a book that challenges the characters with situations that makes them grow. Because of that I completely enjoyed getting to know Zam and go on a journey with him through this book.

It's been a few months since I finished the book and I still have these images from the book that pop into my head and cause me rethink/reimagine the event that unfolded. And there are some characters (like Galwen), who, when I think about them, gives me the same feeling that I get when I think of long time friend I've had. There's a warmth and admiration, which is crazy because it's just a character in a book, but it is what it is :)

I wonder how long these images will stay with me. Some books I put down and don't think of again, but others have these metaphors that stalk me. I have a feeling that this book is of the latter.

One of things I miss now-a-days are virtuous characters. I'm not just talking about good people, but something more than good. Jimmy Stewart made an impression on me growing up because a lot of the people he portrayed were simple people with strong values (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Harvey, It's a wonderful life). I liked reading about Zam because he's someone I could look up to....someone I could respect....someone who is pure and good. I guess I'm partial to stories where you put that type of person in a dark world....not just to see how he responds, but how the world does too.

Can't wait to read book 2.


I so appreciated the reference to Jimmy Stewart. I've always had the same sort of Respect for him this reviewer does, and couldn't have asked for a better comparison.

Thanks to each of you who are walking with me on this road, watching me walk this road and cheering, and those who are just standing by looking and saying, "huh... wouldja look at that."

Have a grand day,



  1. Hey Geno, haven't heard anything from you in a while. Everything ok with you and your family?

    1. Richard, yeah... sometimes the days get away from you. Hadn't realized nearly 3 months have passed. I've been predominantly off the internet lately working on book two and being with family (and of course working the day job). Things are good with the family. I could really use a spike in book sales right about now ;o) But, we're surviving.

      I've taken a break these last two weeks from book two (which has been retitled "Aside to the Old King's Road") and I've been editing a children's book my mother wrote when I was a kid but was never able to publish.

      I inherited it when she passed, and I love it. It's pure fluff, and overly cute for some people, but I think it would be great to see some of her creativity out there for the world to experience. It's almost done, and I've secured someone to do the cover art. So that'll be out soon. And I'll be back to book two.

      I appreciate your concern. I hope all is well with you :-)