Monday, November 26, 2012

Okay... so this is embarrassing....

Treasures of Darkness ~ Treasures of Light, Book One: Through the Dark Wood is Live on Amazon...

Please don't buy it today :o(

So, I pulled an all-nighter working to get it published before I had to come to my day job today...

The saying if something is worth doing... It's worth doing right didn't enter into my bleary thoughts this AM when I hit publish.

As I carpooled to work, I discovered I had:

* Forgotten to include the map in the novel
* Somehow deleted the subject of an important sentence in chapter five
* Goofed up the paragraph spacing on all poems in the novel

and most embarrassing of all...

* Misspelled the title and series names as it is listed on Amazon...
           [] So currently my novel is called "THreasures of Darkness ~ Treasures of Light..." and for the series I spelled Darkness... "Darknes"

So yeah... I'll be fixing that today and it'll take about 12 hours for Amazon to update it once I've been able to make the change (currently I can't make changes because it's "Publishing". It's live on Amazon to buy, but as the Author I can't touch it until they remove the label "publishing" and relabel it "Live"

So, here we are... I thought I'd share my embarrassing moment ((blushes like crazy)) and my punchy sleep-lacking foibles.

Hello, World. Welcome the author Geno Allen to the list of people who got a little too excited while toooo sleepy.

Other than that... this is sizing up to be a pretty good day all in all (for working on Zero sleep)

Have a grand day, Blogosphere!



  1. You are forgiven! Thank you for caring so much about your fans that you stayed up all night to get it published. We are all so excited!

  2. Thanks, Tracy! Still running. I'm on break at my day job and thought I'd check the blog. Currently at 20 hours without sleep. Thank God I'm carpooling today. I'm committed to having the edits done and the book published before I sleep tonight. Wooo hoo. I'll post about that... But maybe after I sleep ;o)

    Thanks for Reading!


  3. Lol, I couldn't resist buying it the moment it came out, but I still like it all the same :)

    1. Richard,

      LOL... that's awesome. I appreciate the enthusiasm!
      Just for that... there's a book of poems from the series that I'm putting together for a project my wife has in mind. As soon as it's done, I'll email you a copy. It'll ultimately contains poems from books one and two, and it should be out before I finish book two.

      Thanks again :o) that made me smile.


  4. Awesome! I'm a huge fan of poetry, you should hear my favorite poem sometime. Its amazing. I think its a couple hundred years old, but I love it anyhow.

  5. Sorry it took me so long to answer this! I haven't been able to get to a computer in a little while. Its called The Orphan Boy's Tale by Amelia Opie

    Stay, lady, stay, for mercy's sake,
    And hear a helpless orphan's tale,
    Ah! sure my looks must pity wake,
    'Tis want that makes my cheek so pale.

    Yet I was once a mother's pride,
    And my brave father's hope and joy,
    But in the Nile's proud fight he died,
    And I am now an orphan boy.

    Poor foolish child! how pleased was I,
    When news of Nelson's victory came,
    Along the crowded streets to fly,
    And see the lighted windows flame!

    To force me home my mother sought,
    She could not bear to see my joy;
    For with my father's life 'twas bought,
    And made me a poor orphan boy.

    The people's shouts were long and loud,
    My mother, shuddering, clos'd her ears;
    'Rejoice! rejoice!' still cried the crowd;
    My mother answered with her tears.

    'Why are you crying thus,' said I,
    'While others laugh and shout for joy?'
    She kiss'd me -- and with such a sigh!
    She called me her poor orphan boy.

    'What is an orphan boy?' I cried,
    As in her face I look'd and smil'd;
    My mother through her tears replied,
    'You'll know too soon, ill-fated child!'

    And now they've toll'd my mother's knell,
    And I'm no more a parent's joy;
    O lady, -- I have learnt too well
    What 'tis to be an orphan boy.

    Oh! were I by your bounty fed!
    Nay, gentle lady, do not chide,--
    Trust me, I mean to earn my bread;
    The sailor's orphan boy has pride.

    Lady, you weep! -- ha? -- this to me?
    You'll give me clothing, food, employ
    Look down, dear parents! look and see
    Your happy, happy orphan boy!

    Its from a book called Master Thoughts in Poem Prose and Pencil, I've got the 1889 print, though it was published in 1886.