Friday, November 30, 2012

Ick... still embarrassing...

So, I was just informed by a reader voraciously devouring my novel that there are several places where the noun of a sentence is missing. Like the aforementioned sentence that was missing it's subject. I thought... I cant have done that that many times. Sure once... maybe twice if I was in too bleary eyed a state, but I had this booked edited more than once by other eyes, by a professional.

So... that reader was gracious enough to give me one of the exact sentences he was referring to. I searched the core file everything was based off of and the noun... the subject of the sentence was there. So, I rushed over to the converted file that was uploaded to Amazon and discovered that somehow in the conversion process it had be automatically removed.

At this point I don't know how many places there will be like that.

And, that is embarrassing.

I will be endeavoring to get that fixed and re-uploaded ASAP.

So, here is my humble request... any of you who stumble upon a sentence that appears to be missing it's subject, please leave the exact wording of that sentence as a comment here on this blog post and I will fix it, and when all is done, I'll let you know how to get the corrected copy downloaded to your device.

Frankly it's embarrassing to be asking this, but if we work together it will happen a lot quicker. And I'll still be able to put the time needed toward the physical copies to have them out to you in a timely manner.

Thank you in advance for any input.



  1. I actually saw quite a few in the chapters before, but I'm going to pull what I found out of Chapter 8 and after, since that's where I'm at. After I finish, I might go back.

    1. "Now, the the two of you would like, Raim Sabbar has gone ahead to the ."
    2. that, Zam, was one who came to destroy the .
    3. "I was talking with the ." - this is the one I told you about earlier.
    4. "This is the ?"
    5. "Noralie, why is it now called the ?"
    6. believed it the will of Elyon that they depart to the wild lands beyond. - Is this missing a name?
    7. "Bondur, at the said that only once before had you given such gifts."
    8. "In the dream when you turned back, you approached a ."

    And that's chapter 8. I'll post more as I come to them.

  2. Chapter 9

    1. as he passed Tangleweave and made for the road to the ,
    2. Zam thought of the ,
    3. There will be no way to clear the pass to th .
    4 Our path is no longer to the ,
    5. that you were making for the ,

  3. Chapter 11

    1 We are less than a day's travel from the .

    Chapter 12

    1. drew her horse closer to the strangers

    Chapter 13.

    1. The voice seemed afraid, and had never believed a Seritheen could experience fear.
    2. In an instant leapt up and donned her armor.
    3. held his gaze, caught unwillingly in his tale
    4. pulled Zam to his feet
    5. stared at Zam with a hard eye
    6. looked like a queenly statue
    7. was too caught up in her own thoughts to react
    8. was suddenly tired of the conversation
    9. 's brow furrowed
    10. was startled by the growl
    11. tensed a moment as sorrow filled her.
    12. faltered.
    13. None could understand, save .
    14. suddenly it was as if were standing
    15. stood stalk still
    16. ", the shame was not yours
    17. slowly regained her strength
    18. tossed a small satchel to him.
    19. ordered Corben
    20. looked at Zam
    21. led Zam
    22. and how he had known the history of the .

    1. WOW.... Holy Buckets! that's more than embarrassing... it's catastrophic. Yikes!
      Thank you JC, I will get on this as soon as I'm home.

  4. That's all I found in the chapters following 8.

    I must say that I was enthralled with this story. Very, very, very good.

    Good job, Geno!

    1. Thank you, JC. For the kind words definitely. and also very much for posting those issues. I really appreciate it. I'm half tempted to unpublish so people don't keep buying it with the errors. but I also dont want to lose momentum. OY... I'll be working tonight!

      Thanks again!


  5. So... totally strange. The missing bits are almost all proper nouns, Virtually every reference to the Great Bridge, and the School of Trees, and a handful of character names.

    I've gotten all of the issues JC found fixed and I'm starting on chapter 1 - 7. If anyone else finds some and wants to chime in... that would be awesome.

    Wish me luck!


  6. chapter 6

    1. Give his lack of experience with maps, he assumed he was approaching the that spanned the chasm separating central and eastern Darlandis.
    2. struck rock, and sparks flew

  7. chapter 7
    1. It was forged years after their battle with Mim when another dragon began plaguing villages in .
    2. We understand you are on a quest, and we both had a feeling you were making for the , the breach in the great rock wall.
    3. and for bringing me closer to the ,
    4. the road between the of and the is far more perious
    5. I know of only three: and Kamm

    1. JC,

      You have been immeasurably helpful. Thank you very much! I'm working on the updates now. I'm still baffled at the things it pulled and why... I haven't found the rhyme or reason... except that all the words were either proper nouns or capitalized nouns at the start of sentences. Thank you again!


  8. Let me know if there's anything else you need help with.

  9. So, how can I get a corrected copy of the book? I love it, but some parts are a little hard to get because of those missing words. please email me at Thank you. It's pretty great. I'm sure I'll like it even better when I can read it the way you intended. Thanks!