Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A little under the weather

I should have expected it... but somehow I didn't. All those nights of working past midnight then getting up between 4 and 5 am to work on the novel, followed by the 42.5 hours without sleep trying to make the deadline I'd given myself.... and now...... I'm sick. Got to stay home from work, sleep in, and rest (which was greatly needed), but this one day isn't going to be enough to kick the ick out of my system. So, I'll be the working sick tomorrowwhich is entirely better than the walking dead, but still no fun.

That's all for now. Just putting myself out into the blogosphere, since I promised I'd be at it more regularly.

Thank you for reading...
Oh, two points of interest. My Author page is live on Amazon finally, and I'm meeting with a potential illustrator for Willitzberwundle and the Amburflfling on Friday. Hoping hoping hoping her sketches will show she's a good match to the story.

Okay... I go back to resting now. Have a grand evening!



  1. Feel better!!! And as much as I love your work, try not to push yourself so hard next time! Though I'm sure your wife is on you about that already.

    1. Yes... she is. She's the reason I actually have gotten the rest I have.

  2. Lol, My wife does the same with me. I don't often like to stop and take a break. She grounds me. Seriously... sends my straight to my room.