Friday, July 29, 2011

Thinking about Marketing Myself

Currently reading a book called "Crush It" all about making a brand out of yourself.  I kinda like that Idea....
I could have a slogan like, "Just write it." or "Geno Allen: The choice of a New Generation" "Geno Allen Word Factory: we're mooooore than great books"

Okay so those actually aren't very good ideas, but I like the Idea of a "brand" that's genuinely me.

The author (Gary Vaynerchuk) says he live by three simple rules.

Love your family
Work Superhard
Live your passion

It struck me after reading that... That is why my Dad was a success in life. He wasn't rich, but we weren't poor either (not by the end anyway).  The only piece missing from that set of rules---that my dad would have added---would be, "put God first."

Just pretty neat.  I guess I realized I have success in my DNA, and what I'm learning now, is just how to tap into it.

That's all for now. Have a grand one!


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  1. "Crush It" is an excellent read. I have somewhat followed Gary V. for a few years and he really seems to live by those 3 keys. I like your addition (which should be #1, IMHO).
    Not many folks are willing to put in the (as Gary puts it) "bleeding eyeball" time. He asserts that 2 years of consistently putting yourself out there, encouraging others, will eventually pay off in spades.
    So, I encourage YOU, Geno, to know dial into your Market, craft your Message, then decide which forms of Media are best suited for pointing your prospects to your book. I call it "building a colony". Feel free to email me if you need help.