Saturday, July 30, 2011

Illustrations are Awesome (in my humble opinion)

I don't know about you, but I love illustrations in books. They help bring an added... something... some extra oomph that adds depth and beauty to the text.
I have a dandy of an illustrator for Treasures of Darkness - Treasures of Light (yes I said  "Dandy" but only because it's true).  Zachary Kraft may not (currently) be a household name, but he is an artist through and through. And I'm amazed by him all the time.

I bring him up because he sent me an update today (or last night and I got it today). I'd share the pictures here, but they give bits of the story away that you'll want to be surprised by (I think... let me know if I'm wrong).  He has a way with picking a scene from my novel and portraying it better than I envisioned it when I wrote the text. It's truly amazing.  When I get the final version of this most recent illustration, I'll have to share it here.  I love it.

That's about all... sorry to whet your apatite for illustration then leave you high and dry...

Hold on for just a second and I'll see if I've got something I can share. (I guess you didn't really have to hold on. It took me a minute to pull it up, but you're just reading right on through.)

Here's an illustration from chapter one (of which I have an excerpt available here) You'll have to read that to make sense of the image....

Anyway... Just excited to see things coming together and so grateful to have such an amazing illustrator to work with.

More soon,


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