Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something Published!

Well, now...  I'm officially a published author! a little :o)
As of sometime between the 14th and 15th of this month my short story "How to be a Hero" became available for sale.  The story takes place in the world I crafted for my upcoming series of novels Treasures of Darkness - Treasures of Light (and also contains chapter one of book one as a sample). I'm super excited! Now I just need to go from being "a number" to "a name", and for that I need people's... Well... I need your help. The way the retailer's search engine priority works is not just # of sales, it's also # positive reviews. (one positive review on amazon moved me up a little bit already)

So, Good Readers of this Blog (if in fact you exist), here's what I'm hoping you will do...

Buy How to be a Hero (only $0.99 and you dont even need to own an eReader to read it—links are below). Read How to be a Hero. Hopefully like it. Write reviews of it (only positive ones of course ;o) If you didn't like it, thats sad, but I understand... you don't have to write a review. It's okay by me :o)
Next pass the word along (and maybe a link to my blog) to anybody and everybody you think might enjoy reading How to be a Hero... and ask them nicely to pretty pleeeease write me a good review. It's the I tell you. You tell them. They tell... well... hopefully everybody else approach.  I have a family function to get to, but check out the links below. Thanks for reading... and thank in advance for supporting my crazy dream (that feels a little less crazy today). Thanks!


I'm available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwwords, and I'll be on Sony's store and the iBookstore And a handful of others in 2 -3 weeks.

Here's the "back cover text" for How to be a Hero:

Eleven year old Jacob longs to be strong. He longs to be a hero, and living in service to one of Cairemia's mightiest knights you would think he'd have the chance. But alas, he is only a servant. That is, until danger strikes and he is the only one who can heed the call. His life endangered, his courage tested—he'll find out if he knows... How to Be a Hero.

Set in the ancient land of Cairemia, How to Be a Hero is a short story that gives a glimpse into the exciting world of the upcoming Treasures of Darkness - Treasures of Light series as seen the through the eyes of one of book one's most beloved characters. Treasures of Darkness - Treasures of Light available summer 2011.

Enter a medieval world of mystery and adventure.

How to be a Hero is available from these online locations:

Barnes and Noble:
And will be available on amazon within 24 hours. Just search "How to be a Hero" or :o) "Geno Allen"

If you don't own an eReader, you can still read my story :o) there are apps for practically any device you own....The Nook eReader app is available for free at:

The Kindle app is available for free at:

(Personally I like the functionality of the Nook app better)

Check out the cover art below :o)

Have an awesome existence (I would say day, but thats so limiting)

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