Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book 2 Update & Some Other Story News

Book two is still in process, and at this point I wouldn't be doing anyone any favors if I speculated on when I'll have it done. Like I mentioned in a previous update, family and day job (both for me and Zachery Kraft) have made progress slower than expected. I am committed to getting it out as quickly as I can while producing the highest quality possible. So, I'll update again as I have more news.

Also, publication of the kids book I've mentioned off and on for a while now, The Adventures of Hickory Dock, is just over the horizon---I just need illustrations. I have a few possibilities there. So, hopefully I'll be able to get that out soon. Art seems to be one of my biggest hang-ups with writing. (Most of what I write works best with art.) More updates in due time.

If you've been following along, you saw that I posted a fifth installment of The Tale of the Maiden's Arms, but that's not the only glimpse into the ToDToL world I'll be sharing. Very soon I'll have another short story in the How to be a Hero storyline available on Amazon. This one will be significantly longer than the original. And, just like the original, it will have a sample of the upcoming ToDToL novel.

So, if you have a hankering for more of Zam's universe, it's coming. You'll get to see more of Galwen's young life... And in the sample you'll learn some of what happens to Griss after the final chapter of book one (something many people have commented they really want to know).

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new stories and the sample.




  1. Are you any farther along with getting book 2 done? I enjoy the plot of book 1 amd would love to read more.

    1. I am working on book 2. The short story How to Be a Hero 2 is out and available on Amazon. It has a 3 chapter sample of book 2. If you're interested, I'd check that out. You'll learn more of Griss' plight, and about Raine, and get a hint toward what the next leg of the quest looks like.

      I appreciate your interest, and cannot wait to get the next book out for you to read. Life sometimes makes writing much slower going than I ever expected.