Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I awoke with this concept rolling through me. When I tried to verbalize it, it proved to be a poem (who knew). It won't make sense to all... but it's real, and it's the battle inside me.

The bastard self,
That voice so clear,
The one that whispers in my ear,
"That's all you've got.
You mustn't try,
For if you do you will surely die,
Or worse yet fail."

The New Man me,
The me complete,
It's he who must come to compete.
His voice rings out,
"The deed is done!
By grace I have already won.
Now is just to show it for the One,
Who wrote the tale."



  1. Dear Geno,

    i would like to ask when the next book is coming out i have been full of anticipation ever since i found this blog please respond.

    1. Johnathan, thanks for stopping by my blog. As far as when it will be coming out, I don't have a firm date at this point. One of the difficulties of writing being my second job (though the one I'm endeavoring to make my primary), is that job number one and my family have to come first. Between both there have been several things that have set back my writing schedule. But... on the happy side of things. My wife and I have made a few changes recently that provide a little more time, and we are in the middle of moving closer to my primary job---have a heck of a commute currently which also takes away writing time. So, between those two changes, I'm optimistic that my writing schedule will be much improved.
      Meanwhile, I have another book (unrelated) that is off to the editor that was nearly complete before I published Book One. It made sense to get it out there sooner since there was only a little bit of work to do to it. It's technically a kids book, but it's fairly epic in scope as well... and several older than kids have really enjoyed it... just the characters are mostly mice :-)

      Also for a little bit of the TODTOL world, I have a bit of the ancient history of that world in the Sharizeen Cor posts here on the blog.

      I'm sure that's not the answer you were hoping for, but it's honest. I'm hoping to still be able to get the book out by November. Either way I will be posting updates here and on my new website

      If you'd like to be notified of new posts here or of new info on the website, click the "join this site" button up on the right of this page and/or put your info in the Join Us page on

      I hope you have an excellent day.


    2. Geno

      I would like to thank you for responding so quickly to my comment and for reminding me for why i found this series quite amazing, the level of detail. So thank you for the time frame that the book will be released in.


    3. Johnathan,

      You are most welcome.

  2. Hey Geno! Kudos on the poem. It's very well written! My prayers are always with you and yours and your endeavor to make writing your full time job. Good luck!

    1. Richard,

      You may see I responded and deleted and responded again. After I posted my response, it just seemed too short. "Thanks" was in essence all it said and i wanted to say a bit more. I appreciate your comments and prayers. Both are helpful in spurring me on to where I'm headed.

      Have a great day.