Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rough Week

So this week resulted in Zero writing, Zero editing, and near Zero rest.

Some weeks it's hard to balance the husband/father role with the Author role. This week especially so. My 16 mo. old daughter got sick last Sunday. Actually, just after I hit post on my "no-bueno" peanut butter fish blog... she threw up. It's been quite a week since.

Two doctor visits a radiology visit and two emergency room visits. She was really sick... and it was thought she might have needed surgery for a potentially life-threatening issue with her bowels, but the issue resolved without medical intervention. I had the same thing as a 10 yr old and had to have surgery... So, it's been a harrowing week.


Right now she's doing well and I am grateful.
I'd gladly trade writing time for comforting-my-daughter time.

Some things make us have to look and see how good we have it.
I was compelled to speak with a homeless couple today---Chris and Mackenzie. She is 8 months pregnant, and he was recently laid off. They are living in thier car. For those of you reading this who are praying folk, please pray for them.

I can't help thinking about how the difficulty of this week is nothing compared to the week they've had. I want to write more about this, and be profound... but I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. So, rather than trying to muster something up, I just say again... if you're a praying person, please pray for Chris and Mackenzie.

I hope to get more writing done this week. Thanks for following this journey.



  1. Oh, man, sounds like a nasty week. You guys are definitely in my prayers.