Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simply Inspiring

I'm making the slow crawl through the mine field of preparing my paperback for publishing. After the modest fiasco of the first week of the eBook launch I'm being much more cautious. I'm still pulling the late nights and early mornings trying to get this book out there for the world to read, and it's pretty daunting. What with maintaining my day job, my family---including my 15 month old daughter (beautiful, intelligent, and amazing 15 month old, but still 15 month old)---and... well that would be enough actually, but add to that the learning curve of the publishing world, and I do feel a bit like I'm making my way across a barren landscape pock-mark with the craters of mines that have already gone off and my bleary eyes are trying to see any tell-tale signs of mines ahead... I'm tired, thirsty, and looking forward to reaching the other side of this war zone where the biggest enemies are my desire to rush and my fears of facing this industry that has told so many "you won't make it". But I survived the last explosion and Through the Dark Wood is making daily progress... with only 2 returns from the issues the eBook had. 
[sidebar: I'll be trying to get Amazon to update purchasers directly it takes roughly 4 weeks for them to do it though.]

So, the distance is narrowing, but the process is harrowing, and I needed a refresher this morning. And, so I come to the reason for the title of this blog.

I went to read through the reviews on my books published thus far. Still only two for Through the Dark Wood, but I'm getting more reviews for "How to be a Hero" and that is a wonderful thing too. Because... this morning... needing a refresher... I read the following review:

"Loved it - by Tanya Glover - This story was simply inspiring! My oldest son and I read it together (he is 12 years old) and it not only held his attention, it had him asking questions about what we were reading. The bottom line is that there are fantastic lessons to learn in this story and I am looking forward to hearing more from this talented author."

It brought a tear to my eye. That review right there... is 75% of why I write. There was a day I wondered if my writing would ever inspire people. Miss Glover just told me that it does.  

And that simply inspires me.

I needed that.

I can cross this field. And the distance feels that much shorter now.

For any who would like to write a review... I do read them and they help in more ways than one.

Thanks! and have a grand day!


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