Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh... the mixed emotions

Oh the mixed emotions... As I have posted a few times there were some issues with my book and a file conversion between two softwares... Well... I just discovered today that somehow... I  mixed up which was the good file and which was one of my previous versions. Soooo...  I have no idea how many people have purchase ones that I thought were the corrected file and were not. The word omissions that happened make it hard for me to follow along, and I know the book inside and out.

So... My book is selling really well, but I don't know how messed up the bulk of the files have been. I've added the most updated file I know of today, and I know that one still has a few issues that I'm working on, but I had to take a break and express this bundle of stink to you.

I've had 8 people request refunds from Amazon and I've dropped off the best sellers list. I'm working diligently to ensure the file is completely fixed (and now because of the mix up I'm having to do it again).

I'm still optimistic about the future of the novel... I just really didn't want to have to redo this work a second time before asking Amazon to update everyone with the new content (which takes about 4 weeks).

So... there you have it. I'm still driving toward the goal. But... I hit a significant hiccup.

Thanks for your patience.



  1. Keep plugging at it, bro. You'll get it done!

  2. Hey sh*t is rough at times...but good fortune on the way...with bumps and jiggles!

    So should I quite reading now and wait for the update??


  3. Thanks, Shelly. Unfortunately I'm not sure when it went wonky... So. Not sure how to answer that one. Depending on how long Amazon takes to review and send out the revision, it could take up to four weeks from now.

    Here's to it taking much less.