Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Free Promo a Success (in my opinion)

Alright, Friends and Family and followers of a blog-type nature (that would mean friends as well...)

My Free Promo just ended and my goal for the two days was to have 1000 people download my book so that many more will (hopefully) like it and be willing to buy the sequel when it comes out later this year... and so people will tell their friends about it for the current novel. It also helps my seller ranking and gives me a good chance of getting more reviews on Amazon (reviews are the gold every indie author is hoping for---beyond the actual gold... or rather cash... they might gain for selling---and with your help I landed 1083 new readers and finished my promo in Amazon's top 20 free (considering there are thousand of books free at any given time... that was pretty epic for me.) Thank you.

Thank you so very much for supporting, re-posting, and sharing the links my wife and I have shared. It's made a difference for us. Please don't stop sharing about the book. $2.99 is pretty reasonable for a nearly 500 page book of sheer awesomeness ;-)

This will be my last TODTOL book post for a while (until the paperback is coming available). I just really wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been helping make this dream a reality.
Merry Christmas (or I guess looking at the clock... it's actually Boxing Day now---I should be in bed).

One last bit. If you decide you want to review my book (which I would really appreciate), please don't give any indication of knowing me personally.... Amazon has already deleted two really great reviews because they thought the reviews were biased (since they were from individuals they could connect back to me somehow).
And if you haven't already, if you'd go to the book link and click like, that helps me out too (just not as much as actual reviews).

Okay that's all the TODTOL business I'm going to be talking for now. The next post will be something frivolous or sentimental or possibly of a cat nuking a small grassland... you know, something utterly unrelated ;-)

(Um... one last last thing... What sort of content would you guys be interested in seeing here on the blog? Just curious)

I love you guys!



  1. I'd love to hear stories... Either of a fictional nature (skits, or something like that, teasers) or of you and your family.

  2. Another idea: What are your goals as a writer? What do you want to get accomplished this year?

  3. All very good ideas. And I appreciate them each. I've got an idea or two that I think you'll like. Stay tuned for my next couple of posts.