Sunday, December 2, 2012

Almost completely fixed

Well hello again!
Just dropping a quick line out in the blogosphere to say I've had a chance to go through all but chapters 6 & 7 and correct the bizarro word omissions that took place. I have a fear that chapter 6 will have some significant omissions, because one of the proper nouns it kept omitting was Zamora, and his name is mentioned numerous times in that chapter. I'm committed to having all the corrections done before this day is out, and when I'm done it takes about 12 hours to be updated, So. It will be right  and purchasable the right way by tomorrow at the latest. Right now I have a speaking engagement to get to.

Thanks for reading.... and thanks for your patience with my first real novel launch.



  1. so I found two errors in chapter 6. Posted them on the other post. Going to go eat now, but should have Chapter 7 done after.

  2. There you go. Chapter's 6 and 7 are done.

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