Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wow! It's been a while since I left my cave.

As anyone who follows my blog will see, I've been away for a while. In the past I've had this nasty tendency to step into my novelist's cave and get so focused in there that I leave the Blog Cave unattended.

When this morning greeted me... I felt the call, "To the Blog Cave!"

...and when I got here... man things are a little dusty. I wish I had an Alfred to keep it tidy for me while I'm away... and to remind me, "Master, Bruce (or rather Master Geno) you ought to give some attention to being Blogman."

Not that Batman would ever need Alfred to say anything like that, and not that I'm comparing myself to Batman really... none of my vehicles—or clothes for that matter—are that cool... or Kevlar-laced.

That's not what I'm writing for this morning.

This morning I am simply saying hello to the blogosphere and to you who are reading this now.

I'm a little excited... all my novelist's cave time is about to pay off (well I hope it will pay...either way it'll definitely result in something). I'm only days away from launching my Treasures of Darkness ~ Treasures of Light series with Book One: Through the Dark Wood

I hear the crowd cheer, "Yea!" and I cheer with you, "YEA!" and maybe a, "YAY!" or even a, "Yeah!"

So... now that I'm here, I'm making a commitment to Alfred... or actually not to him. I forgot... I don't have an Alfred. I'm making a commitment to you... that I will dust the Blog Cave and set things in order here. And, that posts will become a regularity not a bi-annual event ((blushes shyly)).

So, as this is the first day of the rest of our lives... aaannd of my commitment to blogmanning up, here's a nifty little tidbit I've spent nearly 50 hours on in the last two weeks:

The regional map for Through the Dark Wood

The color is for the eBook & The gray-scale is for the print version
(I hope you enjoy):

One last thing...

The eBook of my short story "How to be a Hero" (set in the same world as the novel) is on free promo through tomorrow (11/25/2012). It also includes the first two chapters of Through the Dark Wood as a bonus (used to only have one bonus it's more bang for no bucks).

Here's the link if you're interested.

I believe that's all for this morning. Thanks for taking this journey with me, and Have a Grand Day!



  1. I can't wait for the book to come out! I'll be checking everyday for a bit till it comes. Good work by the way! You've gained a fan.

    1. Thank you! That's very encouraging. And, frankly I need that kind of encouragement from time to time. I'm working on the finishing touches today and if all goes well, I'm hoping to have the eBook available tomorrow (this week definitely though either way).

      I'll look forward to hearing how you like it :o)