Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What dreams may come

So... Last night was not spent writing. Rather it was spent watching three episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation (or TNG for the more nerd savvy) with my wife.

Wife: If you're going to write, I'm going to watch TNG.

Me (my inner nerd crying out): Don't watch it without me....

Subsequent conversation wore down my writing resolve (my doing... not hers). So, I wrote today on my lunch break. It felt good. I reached the end of chapter six of The Adventures of Hickory Dock (which I just realized I still need to post a sample of). The chapter title now that it's done... Hickory Dock: the Way is Blocked.

But I also realize I haven't referenced the title of this post. So, currently it's hanging in this nebulous space where one might wonder how it relates. Well...
Several episodes of TNG led to really strange dreams, like a cross between some poignant tearjerker, Star Trek, and the Robin Williams movie What Dreams May Come... including a scene where I was searching for an old friend with the help Commander Data the angel.

Man if only I could write that as a movie... uh... yeah maybe not ;o)

What Dreams May Come when we shuffle off this writers coil... if it's dreams like that, perhaps I shouldn't shuffle that coil off very often  :o)

Here's an update on Willitzberwundle and the Amburffling:
It's complete and edited and I love it. But I'm lamenting the fact that I still don't have any illustrations (or even a definite illustrator).  I feel it's my best piece of children's literature yet, but it suffers without just the right art.

Ah well... such is life

Ideas (on how to attract a super stellar illustrator to a project I can't guarantee will make money but am personally convinced it will) appreciated.

Been a bit of a ramble (from my phone again... love that!) But, thanks for reading... and here's to pressing on.


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